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So why written reviews? Well, first off, I'm not very good at Youtube. But really, so many comic book reviews are videos, and I kinda of get sick of everything being a video. I can read an article faster than I can watch a 10 minute video.

Plus, it's an opportunity to bring the conversation of independent comics to another corner of the Internet. I am focusing on the books that I really like, not planning on doing negative reviews. Better to hightlight the good books, especially in this new realm of independent comics.

So what is this category of new independent comics? It's comics purchased directly from the creator or directly from a small publisher. Often they are crowd funded. I'm talking about CG books, non-CG books, CG adjacent books, books that I don't know and I don't care where they stand. As long as I said to myself "That was great!" after I read it, then I will review it here.

Terror in the Trenches Vol. 1 A new story for the Golden Age hero, the Black Terror Check out my review of Terror in the Trenches Vol. 1

Stoker & Wells: Order of the Golden Dawn Two classic stories combined and retold! Read my review of Stoker & Wells: Order of the Golden Dawn

Monster MD A strong debut from two creators to follow! Read my review of Monster MD

Midnight Mystery 2nd review in the can, spooky adventures await! Read my review of Midnight Mystery Volume One

Mary Boys First review is out of the gate and we got a great comic! Read my review of Mary Boys

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