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Compass Comics - The Graham Nolan "Nolanverse"

Terror in the Trenches Volume 1

One thing that I have heard that makes people choose Marvel and DC over independent comic book offerings is their universe. It makes sense really, The Big Two have had decades of stories built by thousands of creators, many of the greatest creators ever to grace the industry! How can a single independent author, even a group of writers, possibly compete with such a rich and varied catalog?

Honestly, most independent books don't even make an attempt of having something so varied as the Marvel Universe. They stick to one off stories, single storyline series, very linear. That has its own advantage! Most independent series are way easier for a new reader to hop into vs trying to tackle reading something like the DC universe, where their cornerstone characters are quickly approaching a century in existence.

Still, for some readers, they miss worlds tied together into one big, giant fun place to visit. A well executed universe that grabs the audience is a powerful thing, just look at the MCU (or at least its first 10 years.) So what's a poor comic fan wandering the wilderness to do? Enter the Nolanverse.

I'm not sure if Graham Nolan intended to do this, with blueprints and everthing, or if he's just telling the stories he wants to tell and tying a line between the parts where it makes sense. But he is doing it better than anyone else right now. A Wide variety of stories, genres, and characters spanning across decades, but with enough of a connection to engage the reader. I've taken a shot at trying to tie it together so far in the graphic belw, but I'm sure it will be revised and expanded upon. I'm looking forward to it.

Checkout Graham Nolan on Twitter and visit the Compass Comics web site to jump into the Nolanverse yourself.

The Graham Nolan Nolanverse Timeline

Here it is in PDF format: Nolanverse PDF and here is the so you can revise it yourself Nolanverse file

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